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Hotel Downtown

Location Hotel is located in the city center, easily accessible by the shopping center and adjacent to the mall. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Hotel Central City

Tugu Pahlawan Monument

Tugu Pahlawan monument located in the middle of the city center add to the holiday atmosphere you feel happy and at present various historical monuments of the city of Surabaya


My Studio Hotel a convenient place for dinner by the varied menu and a break with your family, is very well suited to see the beautiful view of the city center and cool.

Food Menu

Various menu of food provided by the hotel will add to My Studio Hotel your appetite with your family and enjoy a meal together in My Studio Hotel

Typical East Java

The food is typical of East Java that is provided by the My Studio Hotel will add your curiosity to the flavors of cuisine from East Java. You can enjoy the food from East Java in My Studio Hotel

Relaxing With Coffee

Drinking your favorite coffee will add to the atmosphere you feel relaxed, calm, happy with his family and relatives in My Studio Hotel of your choice